Kunkel Brews

From brewing beer on his front porch to brewing the first beer in Stanly County. Kunkel Brews is our house beer and is now yours to enjoy with us.

Our Core Brews

Mysterious Pearl – 7.4% ABV. Light on the bittering hops and heavy on dry hopping. Consider this the gateway IPA.

Darker Than Brown Ale -7%. ABV Chocolatey and nutty, smooth and not bitter. This is not like a brown ale you’ve had before.

Hell’s Half Acre Black IPA -6.4% ABV. Named after Midland, this is the perfect blend of the stout world crashing into the IPA world.

Bold As Love – 4.7% ABV. Bold on the Grapefruit, light on the abv. Bold As Love will keep you rocking all day long.

Our Story

The same way malts, hops, and yeast, create beer, the Brew Room uses craft beer, craft food, and community to create an atmosphere that has a little something for everyone. From unrivaled pub grub to thirst quenching brews, cozy & casual surroundings to unique diversions, joyful aberrations to family gatherings, we will be your daily go to for whatever wants may approach. Come in and have a cold one... come in and have two... grab some grub & fall in love.